An online system that simplifies the registration and scheduling process for your competitors and participants, and saves hundreds of hours of clerical work to your competition chairs and staff. Live demo site available upon request.

Practical, affordable and easy-to-use solutions for music competitions, festivals and non-profit Music Teachers' Associations.


"First a big thank you! Our first experience with TenutoWeb registration is outstanding so far! Teachers love it. I’m so impressed with how smoothly the Judged Festival registrations are going, and I love all clear, automatic record keeping in the system. So, thank you!"

- Heather R. Massachusetts Music Teachers Association.

"It is always such a pleasure to use your TenutoWeb system. The tutorials were so helpful, and I could tell even from last year so many additional helps and wonderful features. Everything printed out was so well laid out! It is so helpful to not have to work with so many others to get this all done."

- Dawn R. Pikes Peak Music Teachers Association.

Currently used by:

  • Colorado State Music Teachers Association
  • Hawaii Music Teachers Association
  • Delaware Music Teachers Association
  • Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association
  • Alabama Music Teachers Association
  • Kansas State Music Teachers Association
  • Pikes Peak Music Teachers Association (Colorado)
  • Main Line Music Teachers Association (Pennsylvania)

General features

  • Easy entry of student and repertoire information
  • Customizable: you send us your “paper” form and we create the online form for your Association
  • Accepts multiple categories (e.g. competitive and non-competitive), instruments, levels and locations
  • Customizable fees and rates according to membership status, competitor age, categories, levels, etc.
  • Customer receives full confirmation emails and can access past orders through the web portal
  • Accepts payments with check or credit card. (Credit card requires a free PayPal or another card vendor’s account. We can work with you to start your own Association’s PayPal account).

Administrative features

  • Full control of orders and payments
  • Check payment tracking
  • Advanced scheduling system (see below)
  • Customized printouts, including evaluation sheets for judges, competition program, certificates and photo release forms

Scheduling system

  • Allows for the creation of Rooms, Time Blocks and Time Slots
  • Scheduling wizard makes schedule a "breeze" - split competitors by categories, instruments, ages, etc. into different rooms and time blocks
  • Keeps track of judges and judging times
  • "Drag and drop” students into Time Blocks
  • Automatically calculates the time slot lengths according to repertoire length
  • Allows for insertion of breaks and placeholders
  • Rearrange the order of the performances and automatically recalculate performance times
  • Email competitors their performance time and location
  • Print programs and certificates (customized)

Personnel and judges

  • Create and manage judges and personnel. 
  • Assign personnel and judges to time blocks
  • Email schedules

Judge sheets

  • Allow judges to fill and submit virtual judge sheets  online using a laptop or tablet
  • Automatically release and distribute sheets to teachers
  • Parents can access judge sheets with direct link, without logging in

Online video judging

  • Allows parents or teachers to submit links to videos or PDF music scores uploaded to any cloud service (e.g. YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Links are automatically included in judge sheets


Pricing varies according to your needs and the complexity of your competition. We charge a small percentage (around 5%) per each of your registrations. Contact us for details.