System licensing fees

We want your event to be successful, and we will go out of our way to help you make your event the best ever!
  System licensing fee Annual fee
Event income higher than $6,000 5% of total event income None
Event income lower than $6,000 $300 per event None


One-time setup fees

Setup fees depend on the complexity of the event. Most events range between $300 and $1,500. Once the event system is set up, no other fees are charged, and the system remains functional for future years. Future minor adjustments are included in this fee (for example, minor changes in categories or entry fees).

Manager and chair training and support

TenutoWeb will train your event managers through easy-to-follow tutorial videos. We are also available for email and video consultation. TenutoWeb also provides a Q&A online forum where managers can browse, post or search for past questions and answers.

System modifications

The flat setup fee includes minor modifications and tweaks to the system needed because of changes such as different entry categories, changes in entry fees, etc.

End-user support

While the system is easy and intuitive to use, you may prefer to have common user questions such as "I forgot my password; what do I do?" to be answered by us, instead of you. We offer this kind of user support for a flat rate of $300 per event.